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We developed the Worlds' First Tropical Weather Forecasting Model

Ignitia began as a research project to understand the differences in tropical weather events and create a model to more accurately predict them. With an accuracy of 84%, our forecasts are more than twice as accurate as global producers.


Since 2015, we have worked closely with small-scale farmers to provide them with reliable forecasts to reduce risk and loss.


With the ability to scale quickly, we can work with industries across the globe that are affected by weather variability in the tropics.

Our History

Our team of scientists moved to Ghana to develop  our proprietary tropical forecast model and an SMS-based forecast product - Iska

2010 - 2012

Ignitia launches alpha version in Ghana.  Farmers can now receive daily, monthly and seasonal forecasts via SMS.


In 2017, Ignitia's subscriber base grows to 330,000.


2013 - 2014

Pilot of atmospheric model and Iska released. Small-scale farmers in Ghana receive forecasts measured at 82% accuracy.


Ignitia releases Iska in Mali as 'Sandji'. Subscriber base grows to 84,000. Iska has a 97% retention rate and 84% accuracy.


Ignitia expands its reach in Nigeria. As of November 2018, Ignitia was serving subscribers in three West African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, and Mali.


Our Values

We have the passion and determination to create the reality that we strive for. By learning rapidly and eagerly; we are in constant search for ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and improve the lives and businesses of our customers. We aim to provide great customer service that always exceeds expectations, and offer the best weather forecasts on earth.


Our Team

Andreas Vallgren

Chief Science Officer

Accra, Ghana

Diogo Tomaz

Regional Marketing Manager

Accra, Ghana

Iranlade Olanipekun

Business Development Lead



Daniel Pinto


Uppsala, Sweden

Qiang Li

Scientific Developer


Daniel Salvador

Software Developer


Roger Akayesi

Communictions & Marketing Lead

Accra, Ghana

David Eglein-Komlah

Product Management Lead

Accra, Ghana

Victoria Lyubytska-Hewlett

 Office Administrator


Flora Triantafyllou

Executive and Sales Assistant


Stephen Awuah

Business Development Consultant (NGOs)

Accra, Ghana

Ikechukwu Kalu

Content & Inbound Marketing Lead


Seth Kamens

Field Officer

Accra, Ghana

Denis Matveev

System Administrator


Lyla Adwan-Kamara

HR & Operations Coordinator

Accra, Ghana

Eduardo Domingues

Front End Developer


Simon Danielsson

AI Developer


Neha Yadav

Manager, CEO's Office


Liisa Smits

Chief Executive Officer

Stockholm, Sweden

Rui Antunes

Chief Commercial Officer

Accra, Ghana

Deepti Mathew

Chief Operating Officer

Accra, Ghana