Partner With Ignitia to Increase Profitability and Productivity


Why Ignitia

World’s most accurate tropical weather forecasting company.

With over 84% reliability, Ignitia provides the world’s most accurate tropical weather forecasting service. Other global models provide only 39% reliability, making Ignitia twice as accurate as other models.


SMS Forecasts and Web Dashboard

Ignitia’s highly accurate weather forecasts are delivered via SMS to smallholder farmers without needing a smartphone. This makes it possible to serve remote areas without internet coverage.


Organizations that work with farmers can also monitor the activities on the field as well as communicate with their farmers and extension officers through our web dashboard.


Track record of success and Improved Livelihoods!

About 97% of our total subscribers stay on our service and 95% of farmers who use our weather forecasts rated our service as "highly accurate”. This attests to our trusted service quality.

In addition, most farmers report having seen up to 80 times return on investment and 65% increase in productivity since they started using our service. Their quality of life also improved by 87%.

Ready to join us to sustainably empower farmers in Africa?

What Our Clients Say


Wanagri Karume N. (2SCALE)

“Partnership with Ignitia proved to be revolutionary not just in our project’s progress, but more specifically for the farmers who benefitted from the weather forecasts.”


Charles (Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana)

“About a year ago before I started using Iska, I had lost all my capital when some heavy rains fell right after I had planted my seeds and fertilized. Since I started using Iska, my harvest has increased so much because we always know what activity to do for the right weather. It has really helped me.”


Evelyn, (Ada-Salt Area, Ghana)

"I lost all the money and crops I invested in my 5-acre farm to a heavy rainfall that came right after we sowed on the farm. My daughters dropped out of school because of this. Since I started receiving the weather forecast test messages, I have made a lot of money from the farm. After the first year’s harvest, I had enough money to send my daughters back to school. The service is really very helpful."


"Without access to modern farming techniques or machinery, let alone science-based climate and weather data, farmers’ livelihoods hinge precariously on a changing environment that they’re struggling to understand.” - U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)