Growth in the agricultural sector is


times more effective at

reducing poverty

Creating Positive Change


Our farmers, clients, and partners trust our forecasts for continued accuracy. 

Behavior Change

Farmers use forecasts to better plan when to plant, apply fertilizer, spray pesticide, harvest, etc.

Optimized Planning

Farmers see up to 80% increase in income, due to decreased risk and loss.

* 2019 Preliminary M&E Results


Agriculture is the largest employer in the world. Climate Smart Agriculture

is essential.

+96% of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is rain fed

How it Works

Farmers subscribe to recieve forecasts: daily, monthly, and seasonal

Ignitia's weather model develops localized forecast, based on GPS

Forecasts are delivered via SMS. No smartphone or app. download required

Farmers decide when it is best to plant, fertilize, harvest, etc., based off of forecasts






Our messages are always simple and clear.

In partnership with local communities, we developed a simple text-based 48hr weather forecast message that most farmers with low literacy levels can understand.

User-testing results have shown that keywords, rather than icons, are more easily understood by farmers.

Hence, the forecasts use 7 simple  keywords that can be recognized by farmers, making Iska's data driven design  user-centric.

Each message is tailor-made to the farm's location using GPS and can be delivered to any basic mobile phone via SMS.


At ignitia, we are committed to conducting our service in a socially responsible and ethical manner, which is why all of our current and future profits are directly reinvested into our social mission; to empower intelligent decision making through highly accurate and affordable tropical weather forecasts.

Kwabena Daakyi
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Samuel is a cocoa farmer from Kade in Ghana's Eastern Region. “I use chemicals to spray the farm so the insects will not destroy the cocoa. I don’t spray the trees when it’s about to rain, but because I didn’t know the weather, sometimes I lose money when I spray and then it rains. Iska helps me know when it will rain or not, so I can plan ahead."