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Accelerating Ghana's Tech Ecosystem - Tech in Ghana Conference 2018

Tech in Ghana Conference 2018

Ghana is one of the fastest developing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Especially when it comes to it’s digital development, Ghana has made a rapid transition in recent years, leading the way for ICT entrepreneurs towards a digital revolution on the continent. Though barriers like insufficient connectivity, financial restraints and a lack of governmental engagement are still restricting the tech ecosystem to grow to its full potential, beyond Accra and beyond Ghana.

In order to create a platform for Ghana’s tech entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers to come together and explore solutions that elevate the tech sector, the Tech in Ghana Conference took place at the Accra Digital Centre from Nov 26-27. The Conference is held twice a year, once in London and once in Ghana and is in its second year.

Panel discussions highlighted the inspiring stories of young tech entrepreneurs and analysed the efforts made by policymakers to enable a more efficient, engaging and inclusive tech infrastructure at this years event. How can technology disrupt norms and reshape Ghana’s traditional industries? How do start-ups provide profitable local solutions and how can policymakers respond to this rapidly growing digital ecosystem? These were one of the many areas the panelists and speakers touched on, including representatives of MEST Ghana, ImpactHub Accra, Farmerline, GSMA and the Honorable Deputy Minister of Communications Vincent Sowah Odotei,

who gave the opening speech.

The conference showed the huge potential the digital sector offers to Ghana’s economic growth, but also highlighted how this potential can only be reached if the necessary infrastructure is in place and digital literacy is supported from a governmental level. The unequal gender ratio on all panels also showed the urgency to make the tech sector more inclusive for female entrepreneurs, investors, coders and scientist.

The next Tech in Ghana Conference will be held in London 2019.

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